3 of 5 stars
Name 433(5)
Base Formation 433
Attacking Score 1 /3
Defending Score 2 /3
Counter Score 2 /3
Popularity Medium
Availability UT
FIFA/FC Editions FC 24 | FC 25 | FIFA 14 | FIFA 15 | FIFA 16 | FIFA 17 | FIFA 18 | FIFA 19 | FIFA 20 | FIFA 21 | FIFA 22 | FIFA 23
Features 4xx
Slow Build-Up


433(5) False 9 is the final 433 variant. It offers a deeper-lying center forward position to hold possession and help build up the attacking play.

A balanced formation that is suitable for those who like to run at defenders.
Good defensively since sometimes CDM plays like a CB.
Wingers need to be able to cut inside and look to get at goal.
Not a good formation for crosses.

Pos Att WR Def WR Important Attributes
RB M M Pac Def
CB R L H Def Phy
CB L M H Pac Def
LB M M Pac Def
CM R H M Pas Pac
CDM L M Def Phy
CM L H M Pas Pac
RW H M Pac Sho
LW H M Pac Sho
CF H L Pac Sho
Key Player
RW/LW | In this set-up, it is vital that you choose your wide men wisely. They need to have pace, be comfortable on the ball, good dribbling and crossing stats as well as able to score a goal. Having wingers whose strong foot is on the opposite side is advisable to give you the option to go both ways.

Play Styles

Wide areas are a crucial part of the success criteria for this formation. Again, focus play initially through the central areas before distributing to wider players. Also suits a counter-attacking style of play as well as patient build-up due to the flexibility of your CF/CAM.

How to Use this Formation

This formation has gained popularity in recent years. It doesn’t actually use a striker. Instead, it utilizes a CF. The CF is required to play deeper than a conventional striker and become more involved in the play in the final third. The False 9 is incredibly possession-oriented and requires that you have the capability to keep the ball. There are also chemistry links between the fullbacks and wingers in this formation and as you can see the central midfield player drops to a CDM.

How to Counter this Formation

In this formation, the CF is the most pivotal piece because they have excellent vision, passing and scoring ability. This player has a knack for scoring – they drop deeper to help out then find the spaces behind a defence or know when to take that important shot. The wingers have to be fairly quick and possess excellent dribbling to beat a player 1 on 1 or cut inside for one-twos with the CF. The strength of the team lies with the CDM and the CF; they form a diamond with the CM’s providing quick passes and a heavily possession-based game. What would happen if you put a line through that diamond? Exactly. You would cut the strength of that diamond.

Formations you should use to beat this one (by descending order):
4231, 4312, 41212, 352.