3 of 5 stars
Name 4222
Base Formation 442
Attacking Score 2 /3
Defending Score 2 /3
Counter Score 1 /3
Popularity Medium
Availability FC | UT
FIFA/FC Editions FC 24 | FC 25 | FIFA 09 | FIFA 10 | FIFA 11 | FIFA 12 | FIFA 13 | FIFA 14 | FIFA 15 | FIFA 16 | FIFA 17 | FIFA 18 | FIFA 19 | FIFA 20 | FIFA 21 | FIFA 22 | FIFA 23
Features 4xx
Fast Build-Up


It is one of the most balanced formations. Similar to 442 but with players more qualified to defend and others to attack.

Have enough players when defending or attacking.
Suitable for anyone who likes to have possession of the ball and to anyone who likes to give freedom to CAM’s.
The CAM’s play on the wings and may not have the required attributes.
Requires some practice time to become familiar with the formation.

Pos Att WR Def WR Important Attributes
RB M M Pac Def
CB R L H Def Phy
CB L M H Pac Def
LB M M Pac Def
CDM R M H Def Pas
CDM L H M Pas Pac
CAM R H L Pas Dri
CAM L M M Pas Pac
ST R H M Sho Pac
ST L M L Pas Sho
Key Player
ST | You can break this formation down into three sections. A front 4, a back 4 and 2 holding midfield men. Obviously, the 2 are down on numbers so it is pivotal that you have 2 strong players in that area of the pitch.

Play Styles

Medium to fast build-up play. Longer passes to get the ball into the front 4 as quick as possible as there is a lack of numbers in central areas. Designed for the games where you want to score by ground passed.

How to Use this Formation

This formation is very similar to the popular 442 and includes exactly the same links. The 2 attacking midfielders will position very similar to RM and LM when they do not have the ball but due to the generally lower Crossing rating in CAM’s compared to wide midfielders, this will mean that crossing within this formation will most often be less effective. Playing with this formation, the players can contain in the middle, yet spread the ball quickly out wide. There tends to be one particular CDM who is attacking-minded, has high stamina, who assists the attack. This role is pivotal because they transition from a 4222 to a 4132 and effortlessly. Using two strikers in this formation will allow you to create more goal-scoring opportunities. Having two CAM players and two CDM players will help your team to be able to perform attacks and defenses with more players. Attacking using 4222 formation will require being more on the ground and using the central area of the field.

How to Counter this Formation

The team is balanced, very balanced. The secret to overcoming the formation is stretching the CDM and attack head-on, so playing the ball wide and back inside is a good way to wear the team out. Also, don’t be afraid to shoot from distance (or take a finesse shot).

Formations you should use to beat this one (by descending order):

4231, 3412, 433, 352.