4 of 5 stars
Name 41212
Base Formation 41212
Attacking Score 2 /3
Defending Score 2 /3
Counter Score 1 /3
Popularity High
Availability UT
FIFA/FC Editions FC 24 | FC 25 | FIFA 09 | FIFA 10 | FIFA 11 | FIFA 12 | FIFA 13 | FIFA 14 | FIFA 15 | FIFA 16 | FIFA 17 | FIFA 18 | FIFA 19 | FIFA 20 | FIFA 21 | FIFA 22 | FIFA 23
Features 4xx
Slow Build-Up


One of the most popular UT formations. This formation in diamond shape has the CAM as key element.

A balanced formation that offers defensive security in midfield.
Good defensively since sometimes CDM plays like a CB.
Suitable for those who like to play through the middle.
Vulnerable to teams using formations with a packed central midfield.
Too narrow.

Pos Att WR Def WR Important Attributes
RB M M Pac Def
CB R L H Def Phy
CB L M H Pac Def
LB M M Pac Def
CDM M H Def Pas
RM H M Pac Dri
LM H M Pac Dri
ST R H M Phy Sho
ST L M L Sho Pac
Key Player
CAM | Most of your play will hinge on the CAM and his ability to play good, sharp passes. The opposition will see him as the danger man in this set-up too so you can use him as a foil really well.

Play Styles

Balanced, slow, possession play suits this formation best.

How to Use this Formation

This is a very popular formation in FIFA. The central midfield arrangement offers a diamond shape behind the 2 ST’s. The balance comes from the fact that there is a CDM in front of the 2 CB’s to help out defensively and a CAM behind the 2 ST’s to help create attacking opportunities. This is very balanced and highlights a team that has strong pieces in every position. This formation also offers width with a LM and a RM.

How to Counter this Formation

This formation is even more effective than the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) because the LM and RM can also cover your players on the wing. As a consequence, this position can be exploited tremendously. Using a formation with wingbacks or clogging the midfield will give you more control of the game.

Formations you should use to beat this one (by descending order):
451, 3421, 352, 4411.