Weekly Rewards

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Method Name Weekly Rewards
Category Investing
Popularity Medium
Risk Medium
Reward High
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 200000
First Time FIFA 17
Similar Method Thursday Flipping
Weekly Rewards is a trading method that takes advantage of the weekly price fluctuation caused by the rewards of the different FUT modes.

The Method

To understand how this method works, you need to know what happens at each stage of the weekly FIFA cycle. On Thursday morning, people receive rewards from Rivals and sell almost everything they obtain from the packs. Prices drop a lot and that limited window is a good time to use the Thursday Flipping method. By selling everything, players obtain a good amount of coins and use them to improve their teams or simply buy a new one to use on the next day, when the Champions Finals starts. The market rises and, at the end of the weekend, many people receive their Champions Finals rewards and sell their teams in order to build a new team for the next weekend.

This increased demand on Thursday-Friday, coupled with the coins provided from Thursday morning rewards, results in the market rising. On the opposite side, prices are much lower on Sunday / Monday because that’s when Champions Finals ends and Squad Battles rewards are delivered. As it is easy to understand, you can use these price fluctuations for your own good. Buy on Monday to Wednesday and sell on Thursday/Friday.

Even though all META cards will increase in value, there are a few types of cards that will increase the most. That’s the case of META potential TOTW players. When a player gets a TOTW card, their normal card will leave packs for as long as their in-form is in packs. Because of this, his normal card will rise in price as demand rises while the supply stays the same. Potential red pick links are also good targets. Footballers that do well in real-life matches will get a TOTW card, which players will have a chance to get in their FUT Champions rewards, and they will naturally want to include this new card in their team. Because of this, cards that strong link to popular players in the new TOTW will have much more demand as people try to work them into the team.

Common Mistakes

When using the Weekly Rewards Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Panic Selling
If your players don’t rise as fast as you’d like, don’t panic and sell them. Have faith and be patient. They may rise closer to Friday or even Saturday.

Unwanted Cards
META cards are the most likely to benefit from the Thursday rise in prices. If nobody wants to use a card, it is most likely NOT going to rise.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Choose who are you going to buy. When people are building their weekend teams, nobody is going to want to use terrible players. You need to pick someone desired and reasonably priced. As explained, you can go for any META player but this method will work better with META potential TOTW players, potential red picks links and out of pack META cards. Whoever you choose, you need to discover his price on each weekly cycle stage, before you move on for the second step.


    1. Buy
      Go to the transfer market and buy the player you have chosen. The best time to do it is late Sunday to early Monday because that’s when players finish their FUT Champions games and begin to sell their teams.


    1. Hold
      If you bought when prices reached their lowest point, you will have to wait for the highest point.


    1. Sell
      List your cards on the transfer market. In general, the best time to sell is on Thursday, a few hours after rewards come out but before the marquee matchups release. That being said, sometimes it may be worth it to hold cards until Friday or even Saturday if there is no new promo.


  1. Repeat
    Remember that you can repeat this method each week. For the best results, we would recommend a budget of at least 200,000 coins so that you can buy a large number of flips and make the most profit.

Experts Opinion

“We will tell you a secret: we can’t spend more than 30 minutes/week on trading. That’s why we love this method. We just need to be on the transfer market at the right time, buy everything we see and then sell it. As simple as that.”