Club Stocking

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Method Name Club Stocking
Category Investing
Popularity High
Risk Low
Reward Medium
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 17
Similar Method Guaranteed Profit SBCs
Club Stocking is a FUT trading method that takes advantage of the demand needed for items of certain rates to meet SBCs requirements.

The Method

The Club Stocking Method is focused on buying items often required in squad building challenges. Also known as SBC Fodders, they are basically gold, TOTW and UCL cards. The goal is to buy the cheapest versions of each one when they are at their lowest price and sell them when they are in demand.

Almost every day, EA releases SBCs and many of them require 82, 83, 84 or 85 rated players to be completed. In a few cases, they ask 86 or 87 rated players. Having these items stocked on your club, will boost your coin balance every time a popular SBC is released. In general, lower-rated cards have a higher return on investment.

The key to maximizing your profit is learning when to buy and sell. In order to buy, you have to know the average price of the type of SBC fodder you want to stock. If an SBC is expected by the whole FIFA community, selling in the hype is often a great solution. You will notice a high rise in price before the SBC is released.

Club stocking is one of the easiest ways to make FUT coins throughout the life cycle of a FC game.

Common Mistakes

When using the Club Stocking Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Late Investing
This is the most common mistake. Buy before the hype. Make sure you’re not buying at the same time as every other FUT player. You want to avoid buying in the days leading up to a big promo. Everyone will be doing the same, inflating the prices of players.

Buying Goalkeepers
We know that we said you to buy the cheapest cards available for each rating but goalkeepers are not welcomed. Most popular SBCs have at least a 50 chemistry requirement, meaning that GK cards rarely rise in price. We recommend focusing on picking up outfield players as you have a better chance of making coins

Step by Step

    1. Study the Market
      First of all, you have to understand the price fluctuation of each SBC fodder. The key to maximising profit with this method is knowing when to buy. You can use FUTBin’s cheapest card by rating list or, even better, study the market for yourself. The general rule to follow is to invest when there are no SBCs out that require the cards. The downtime between promos is a great time to pick up the lowest-rated cards.


    1. Buy
      When prices are at their lowest point, go to the transfer market and buy everything you can, especially from the top nine nations or the biggest five leagues, which are the ones more requested on SBCs. Anticipating the challenge requirements may generate thousands of coins in extra profit. Just be sure to diversify the cards you choose in order to reduce the risk you are taking.


    1. Hold
      If you bought when prices were low, you will have to wait. Hold on your cards until new SBCs are out again.


    1. Sell
      A best practice is to set a price you want to sell for and stick to it. These players follow a usual trend in value when a promo or SBC drops. They shoot up when a popular SBC is first released. The market then gets flooded making prices drop, (another good opportunity to invest.) Then prices rise steadily throughout the remainder of the promo/SBC release.


  1. Re-Invest
    This trading method is repeatable, meaning it can make your coins all year. Just make sure you keep checking the prices of the most common SBC fodders between promos and SBCs.

Experts Opinion

“In our opinion, Club Stocking is one of the easiest ways to make coins. With some practice to recognize when prices are low and high, you will be ready to use this method every single week.”