Transferred Players

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Method Name Transferred Players
Category Investing
Popularity Medium
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 12
Similar Method Market Crashes
Transferred Players is a trading method that takes advantage of prices of cards that go out packs when a player moves to another club.

The Method

When a player moves from his club to another one in real life, EA Sports releases a new item that replaces the old one in packs. The only difference you will find between them is the club and, eventually, the league. Older versions of players get progressively rarer because they are no longer in packs, so their supply vanishes from the transfer market. This means that there will be a fluctuation in prices and you can make a profit with that.

In order to work, you need to identify these players during real-life transfer windows. EA usually takes a few days (or weeks) to update in-game, so you have to be as fast as possible in order to buy them cheaper.

There are two factors that will increase the value of these players: they are needed in a new SBC or they are META in their old league. That’s why picking up players with a good rating that change the league is a smart move.

When a challenge is released that needs players from their old league, they will rocket in value. If you do pick up any of these players make sure you keep an eye on the SBCs.

You can also use this method when EA updates players that change the nation. They don’t do it too often but it can guarantee you a decent amount of coins depending on the player, his club, and his old nation.

Common Mistakes

When using the Transferred Players Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Over Investing
On this method, you are investing your coins, which means that you may need to wait a few weeks until prices go up and you are able to sell. That’s why you should never leave yourself with no coins. You’ll be unable to trade or use other FUT trading methods while you wait for prices to rise.

Clogging up the Transfer List
Having dozens of the same items on the transfer list is not a good idea. You could be using that space for other FIFA trading methods to make FUT coins faster.

Step by Step

    1. Check the IRL Market
      First of all, you have to find players who moved to new clubs. There are three key opportunities to identify these players. The summer transfer window at the start of the FIFA game cycle, the refresh promo in February and when the transfer window reopens at the end of the year.


    1. Select your Targets
      Just because a player has signed for a new club, it doesn’t mean that his old item is a good investment. You need to decide if his older version has the potential to rise. Is the old version of the player high rated? Is it from a good nation? Will it be used to complete SBCs a lot? Is this a player that has returned from a loan and is likely to go back out on loan? Does he play in a position with a lack of quality choices? If the answer to any of those is yes, that player has a big potential to rise in value and make you richer.


    1. Buy
      Now that you know which players you want to buy, it’s time to use your favorite trading methods to buy them for the lowest price possible. The lower the price you get the player for, the more coins you’ll make when you sell them on.


    1. Hold
      The price of these items will go up as soon as they are replaced by new ones. It means that you will have to hold them for a few weeks.


  1. Sell
    List the players once they get rarer on the transfer market. In order to reach a higher price, you may need to wait a few weeks after the update. Hold until an SBC or the rarity of the player forces their value up.

Experts Opinion

“When a good card disappears, people pay any price to have it. If you are fast and smart defining your targets, you can make a good profit but be prepared to hold your investments longer than you may like.”