Market Crashes

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Method Name Market Crashes
Category Investing
Popularity High
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Medium
MRP 100000
First Time FIFA 12
Similar Method Mini Market Crashes
Market Crashes is a trading method that takes advantage of price drop due to the panic before some important FUT promo events.

The Method

By definition, a Market Crash is a sudden drop in prices in the transfer market. These drops typically happen multiple times a year, including on Black Friday, Team of the Year and Team of the Season. Usually, they strike fear unto the Ultimate Team trading community fearing to see their squads lose value.

Every FC player, YouTuber and streamer likes to think they ‘know’ the market, when the reality they don’t. They are simply making predictions based on logic. The Market Crash hype is so big that they force other players to incorrectly sell up fearing for loss, and hence causing the market to bounce back stronger than ever.

While most players are panicking, you can use the sudden market downturn to your advantage. A market crash is a great time to invest your FUT coins. Almost every player is down in value during a big market crash, meaning you can make coins on lots of players. Because of the fear, prices are usually lower on the Pre-Crash than during the market crash itself. However, depending on how many packs are opened on the promo, that may also be an interesting time to buy.

Players that are great investments during early market crashes are not going to be the best pickups later in the game. The further into the game cycle, the more META cards are available. The key to profitable FIFA investing during a market is to pick up players that are in demand.

Common Mistakes

When using the Market Crashes Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Missing the Best Time to Sell
Many players only start buying when the promo is out. That’s a big mistake since prices usually hit the lowest value before that.

Panic Selling
If your players don’t rise in value straight away, be patient and just hold them. You never know when EA will drop something that rockets the FUT market upwards again.

Step by Step

    1. Analyze
      Identify something that could cause the market to drop. The first big market crash usually happens during the Black Friday event, when the first 100k and 125k promo packs are released. More crashes take place throughout the year, especially just before the most popular FUT promo events.


    1. Track
      Keeping a close eye on the state of the FUT market is a must for anyone wanting to make coins. Knowing the Ultimate Team market means you can not only see when the market starts crashing, but also when player prices hit their lowest point.


    1. Choose your Targets
      META players are the key. No matter where we are in the game cycle, people want to use those players in their squad. If the price of a META player is crashing, you can almost guarantee they will increase in value when the market starts to recover.


    1. Buy
      When you think a player has hit their lowest value, buy him. We recommend that you have a varied list of targets and know in advance the price you want to pay for them. The more players you’re monitoring, the more likely you are to identify a good FUT investment. Usually, the best time to sell is before the market crash itself. That’s why ‘The crash before the crash’ or ‘Pre-Crash’ are terms that describe the initial drop in prices caused by people selling off their players in preparation for a FUT market crash.


  1. Sell
    Once the rush of supply ends, the value of META players will shoot up. Remember prices may not return to pre-crash prices for a while, but when you’re making a profit sell those players.

Experts Opinion

“Market Crashes are as old in Ultimate Team as their promo events. They are a great way to make coins but it requires some practice in order to identify when is the best time to buy. ”