Squad Battles Bidding

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Method Name Squad Battles Bidding
Category Low Budget
Popularity Low
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Low
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 18
Similar Method Thursday Flipping
Squad Battles Bidding is a trading method that takes advantage of a predictable weekly price fluctuation when Squad Battles Rewards are delivered.

The Method

Generally speaking, the Ultimate Team transfer market is unpredictable. However, there is a cycle that happens every single week and we can take advantage of it.

Every Sunday night, the release of Squad Battles rewards provides a great opportunity to make FUT coins. The supply of players increases for a small window as everyone opens their rewards.

Most people will be opening them as soon as they can and listing whatever they pack. Squad Battles players tend to be more casual with less concern about the value of the players they’re listing. Meaning a lot of those players will be listed on an open bid with no minimum BIN and you will have low competition since most of the European players will be sleeping at that time.

As soon as most of the players open their rewards, prices go up again which means that you can sell for a profit very quickly. In many cases, you will double your investment if wait until the next day.

The best part? You can use this trading method every week throughout the FIFA game cycle.

Common Mistakes

When using the Squad Battles Bidding Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Focusing on One Player.
The key to limiting risk is being diverse with the players you pick up.

Using It Later in the Game Cycle
This tends to only work well in the game cycle as low-rated goals have value. Once the game has been out a few months, the market in general drops. The value of low-rated gold players is very low.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Make a list of up to 10 items you are going to focus buy. You need to pick items you can afford. They also need to be packed frequently and good enough for people who want them in their team. If possible make this list a few days before and monitor it to make sure the value of the items you bid on will recover.


    1. Wait
      Pay attention to this part: you will not start bidding as soon as rewards are dropped. You need to wait for one hour. Since most of the items will be listed on an open bid with no minimum BIN, you will have to wait until they are almost expiring. The sweet spot is between 1 and 3 hours after squad battles reward drop.


    1. Buy
      Based on your shortlist, identify the items you want to buy that are on open bids at prices that mean you can make a solid profit when their value recovers. Put your max bid price and mass bid on every card available.


    1. Wait
      Wait until Monday afternoon for prices to rise again. Unlike other FIFA investment methods, you should see a return very quickly. As soon as the squad battle rewards are done items prices tend to shoot back up.


    1. Sell
      List the items for their current prices. Don’t put too many at the same time. If they don’t sell, re-list.


  1. Repeat
    Repeat each week.

Experts Opinion

“If you are awake at these hours, you need to try this method. It’s easy, fast and you won’t have many competitors. It works better with items which usually cost between 2,000 and 10,000 coins before rewards.”