Sniping Filters

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Method Name Sniping Filters
Category Low Budget
Popularity High
Risk Low
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time High
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Mass Bidding
Sniping Filters is a trading method focused on acquiring undervalued players as soon as they are listed on the market for the lowest price possible.

The Method

For those who don’t know, sniping is the act of intentionally searching below a player’s typical BIN price, and then acting quickly to finalize the purchase.
The Sniping Filters Method is focused on buying undervalued players as soon as they are listed on the market by an uninformed or less-experienced player. It can be a time-consuming task and a tedious one if you’re not as patient, but in the long run, can massively benefit your coin total.

First off, we recommend using the Web App to beat out the competition that may be playing on a console or using the mobile app. It’s also good to be aware that coin-selling bots patrol the market and are programmed to do what you’re currently doing. So you will have to be relentless and fast.

In order to do this method, you enter filters on the transfer market and snipe as many players as possible. The more players you cover with a filter the better because the probability that you will snipe one of the players at a cheap price is also higher.

The best time to snipe is during events, lightning rounds, new content or Squad Battle/Weekend League Rewards because that’s when a particularly large number of packs are opened and several players are placed on the market.

A lot of FUT players will be trying to snipe higher value/special players, as successfully sniping one will make you a lot of coins. However, in our opinion, sniping filters are best used on lower value players as fewer people trying to snipe them. It means you are more likely to snipe players and make more profit in a shorter amount of time.

Common Mistakes

When using the Sniping Filters Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Only Using One Filter
Just because a filter makes FUT coins one day, doesn’t mean it will the next. Player values are always changing. You must be flexible with the filters you use. Trial and error is a big part of using sniping filters. When you find one that’s working consistently keep it to yourself.

Squeezing Your Profit Margin
Before sniping any player, be sure that the price is lower enough to cover the EA tax (5%) and guarantee you a decent profit.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Identify a certain nation, position or league that has a low number of players. It could be combinations like Serie A RB’s or Portuguese players in Bundesliga. There should be a small number of this type of player and a couple will be higher value.


    1. Find the BIN
      Use the market to find the lowest BIN for the type of player you’re trying to snipe. You should use a filter with a current lowest BIN of no more than 5,000 coins. Other FUT players are more likely to just list these players up with a lower BIN. Many cannot be bothered to check the BIN of lower value players.


    1. Buy
      If you’re sniping players in the 5k range, we advise then setting your filter 1k under the current lowest BIN. You’ll have a big enough gap to make some profit on each player you sell.


    1. Sell
      We recommend listing up your sniped players just below the current lowest BIN. Quick sales mean more FIFA coins to continue sniping.


  1. Repeat
    Persistence is key. The more filters you try and the longer you use them, the more FUT coins you’ll make.

Experts Opinion

“We were probably the first ones to use this method. We shared it on our website in 2013, helping thousands of followers to snipe players with chemistry styles. So many years later, it still works and it is still high-rewarding but it is also very time-consuming. If you want to have success with it, create your own filters and be fast – practice makes perfect.”