Mass Bidding

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Method Name Mass Bidding
Category Low Budget
Popularity High
Risk Low
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time High
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Bellow BIN Bidding
Mass Bidding is a FUT trading method based on a massive and continuously single item bidding in the hope to win a few items.

The Method

Mass bidding is a trading method where you bid a single item over and over again. You will probably get outbid on the majority of the cards you bid on but you will be able to sell the ones you win for profit.

Generally speaking, Mass Bidding follows the same basic steps as Below BIN Bidding but, instead of a group of items, you focus on mass bidding on a single one. The card that you’re mass bidding on should be in demand for some reason. This could be due to limited time SBCs or the links they have to new special players. Regularly released SBCs sets like Marquee Matchups are great for mass bidding. They provide an opportunity to use it every week, as they increase demand for certain players.

To get the most out of this method, you will need a relatively high budget so that you can continuously keep placing bids without running out of coins.

Mass Bidding can be used every time you decide to invest in something, especially if you have patience and free time.

Common Mistakes

When using the Mass Bidding Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Focusing on One Player for Too Long
We recommend cycling through a few different players every 30 minutes or so. This gives you a higher chance at winning players on bid. The more you win, the more FUT coins you can make.

Bidding Over your Target Price.
Don’t get drawn into bidding wars. If you’re missing out on every player you’re bidding on, then try and identify a different target.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Target
      Identify a filter in which there are a lot of gold cards with a BID price below the lowest BIN. Alternatively, identify a player needed for a limited time SBC. Players can be in demand because of their rating, nation, league or a combination of all three. Choosing the right target may require some research. The less popular a card is, the better this method works. But if a card is completely irrelevant (not used in teams or SBCs) it doesn’t work due to its value being too low.


    1. Check the Lowest BIN
      For the filter you have chosen, find the lowest BIN price possible out of all the cards. To do this, simply go to the search settings and in the price section, keep lowering the BIN price down until no cards are found when you search. This is the minimum price you should sell at.


    1. Set the Price
      Set the BID price to a number lower than the lowest BIN. The number you choose depends on how much profit you wish to make, but you may also need to take into account the market tax if it is there.


    1. Bid
      Go through the search results and bid on every card you see which fits under your maximum BID price. The key to success with mass bidding is persistence. Just bid on every open bid listing for your target price. If you are outbid, just leave that card alone and keep bidding.


    1. Sell
      Once you feel like you have placed enough bids or your target list is full, go back and see how they have done. If you have done well, you probably won around 15%of the auctions. You can forget about the ones you lost. For the cards you won, check the selling price on the market and list them up for just below the current lowest BIN. This will guarantee a fast sale and free up more coins so you can keep trading. If you want to improve your odds of success, do not list all the cards for the same price and do not list all at the same time.


  1. Repeat
    The more time you spend mass bidding, the more cards you’ll win and the more FIFA coins you’ll make.

Experts Opinion

“This method remember us the core old-school trading we used on the first FUT editions. It still works but not for people like us who don’t have enough free time.”