Price Fixing

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Method Name Price Fixing
Category High Budget
Popularity Low
Risk High
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time High
MRP 500000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Mass Bidding
Price Fixing is an Ultimate Team trading method based on buying a large amount of the same item, in order to fix its market price and get a high profit.

The Method

Price Fixing is probably the most challenging and hated trading method since it affects the supply and demand law. It is the most rewarding method but is also the most difficult and risky one. It is very time-consuming and you will need a huge budget. In order to make things easier, you can partner with other players.

Basically, you set a target and buy every listing of a certain item. As soon as it turns into a monopoly, you are free to fix the price you want. Anyone who wants that card, will need to pay the price you are asking.

You need a player that is in high demand but low supply for this to FIFA trading method to work. Older TOTWs and rare MOTMs are a good starting point. It’s impossible to do with most players as it’s expensive to clear the market of them completely.

For this method to be effective, you need the budget to keep the market clear of other listings. Making sure that your players are the only option available to buyers.

Common Mistakes

When using the Price Fixing Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Players with a Massive Amount of Supply
You need to select an item with a low supply. A gold player is a bad option since they’re packed so often that you are never going to be able to clear them from the FUT market.

Panic Selling
If the prices of your items don’t rise immediately, be patient and hold onto them. In the worst of scenarios, you will sell them at the weekend.

Players with an Obvious Alternative
Make sure you check that the players you pick up don’t have an obvious alternative. This trading method makes coins because the players you’re price-fixing are in demand. If there are comparable players for cheaper, buyers will gravitate towards those instead.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Target
      Identify an item that’s in high demand with low supply. It shouldn’t be listed on more than 4 pages. Rare MOTMs, older TOTWs and the original versions of transferred players are all good bets when price-fixing. Hidden demand players like the ones needed in order to achieve good chemistry for top players are also decent choices.


    1. Check your Budget
      Now that you know who you gonna buy, it’s time to check if your budget is high enough not only to clear the market but also to buy items listed by anyone who undercuts your price.


    1. Set your BIN
      You need to set a BIN price that will make you a profit but is not so high that your players don’t sell. We recommend something around 2 to 3 times higher than the original price.


    1. Buy
      Buy all items listed on the transfer market with a lower BIN. In order to work, you need to keep buying every single item that is listed with a lower BIN. If you feel that you cannot do it alone, close a partnership with someone else.


  1. Sell
    List your items using the BIN you have set earlier or slightly lower. If they don’t sell, reduce the price and see what happens. You need to sell them fast or, otherwise, you will need to keep buying items listed by anyone who undercuts your price.

Experts Opinion

“Imagine a trading method where you could fix your own price. That’s Price Fixing. It isn’t easy to do it alone, you will have to spend all day in front of the monitor and you need a huge budget but no other method will make so many coins.”