Pack SBC Market Flooding

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Method Name Pack SBC Market Flooding
Category Low Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Low
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 17
Similar Method Thursday Flipping
Pack SBC Market Flooding is a trading method that takes advantage of price fluctuations when new SBCs rewarding tradeable packs are released.

The Method

SBC is a single-player game mode within Ultimate Team. By playing it, the players have new opportunities to get creative, submitting squad building challenges and earning rewards. These rewards can be untradeable or tradeable. When they feature packs containing items that can be sold, the supply on the market is boosted dramatically but only for a short period of time. This price fluctuation is a great opportunity to improve your coin balance.

As soon as these SBCs are out, many players will complete them (especially if the price is fair) and open the packs. Lots of items will flood onto the transfer market but, unlike when Promo Packs drop, supply levels return to normal quickly. This is because core players tend to complete SBCs as soon as they go out. If you time your investments correctly, you can make a ton of coins.

Picking the right players to buy is the key to maximizing your profit. Think META players or players needed to complete an SBC. This type of player will recover most quickly from the inflated supply, as their demand will stay consistent.

Common Mistakes

When using the Pack SBC Market Flooding Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Picking up Non-META Players
The reason this method works is that the supply of in-demand players suddenly increases. If there’s no demand for a player in the first place their price will remain low.

Over Investing
Diversify. That’s one of the most important investing rules. When you do it, you take much fewer risks. Remember to not spend all your coins on one type of investment.

Step by Step

    1. Check the SBC
      EA releases SBCs almost every day. They usually drop new daily content at 6pm (UK time), so make sure to check in-game for any new challenge or visit our dedicated page. Keep the focus on the best SBCs – often released during promo events – featuring tradeable packs as rewards, because are the ones that will generate the hype. You need to think about both the price of the SBC and the pack reward itself. Will most FUT players be completing the SBC? If the answer is yes, then there will be some degree of market flooding and you should advance to the next step.


    1. Identify your Targets
      The type of pack that the SBC gives as a reward will affect the players that get flooded onto the market. If the pack includes silver players, you should check the value of expensive silvers needed for SBCs. If the pack gives more gold players, focus on lower-rated META players.


    1. Buy
      Now that you have identified the player whose price will fluctuate, it’s time to buy him for the lowest price possible. The lower the price you pay, the higher will be your profit. In order to do that, you can use other trading methods like mass bidding.


    1. Hold
      Hold and wait for the spike in supply to disappear. If you picked up the right players, their prices should recover quickly as the spike in supply is not prolonged.


  1. Sell
    As soon as you see that prices are back to the ones before the SBC release, it’s time to sell. Go to the FUT transfer market and check the current prices. List all the players you have bought and re-list if they don’t sell.

Experts Opinion

“You will need some practice to master this method. You have to understand how fast prices recover and which players are more suitable to generate profit. ”