Overnight Flipping

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Method Name Overnight Flipping
Category Low Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Medium
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 12
Similar Method Thursday Flipping
Overnight Flipping is a trading method that takes advantage of lower demand for Ultimate Team items during the European night.

The Method

If you want to master the Ultimate Team market, you need to control the supply and demand. In other words, you can make coins by buying when the supply outweighs demand and then selling when demand increases. As we always say, ‘Buy Low, Sell High’.

Since most of the FUT players are based in Europe (and mostly in the UK), the perfect time to find bargains is during the European night, when most of them are sleeping and the demand for FUT items drops. This drives prices down as people try to sell their items.

Then, you just need to hold on and sell as soon as their price rise again. You need to focus on META players as they are the ones that will be in demand when people wake up. This trading method is especially effective early in the FIFA game cycle as the number of people playing is at its highest.

As you can see here, this method was first introduced to the FUT community by us in FIFA 13. On that time, we have carefully studied price fluctuations during the 24 hours of the day. So many years later, the graph we published showing the best times to buy and sell based on the traffic is still pretty accurate.

Common Mistakes

When using the Overnight Flipping Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Lack of Market Knowledge
This is a FIFA trading method that takes some basic knowledge of market trends. You need to know when the best times to both buy and sell your target players before trying overnight flipping. That’s why you should never invest without proper research.

Picking up non-META Players
The Overnight Flipping Method only works well with META players. That’s because there is a change in their demand, depending on the time of the day. If there’s no demand for a player their value will be low, regardless if it is day or night.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Identify META players with a few alternatives that are in your price range.
      The players you pick up need to be META as they are the players that recover the best when demand increases again.


    1. Determine the Price
      Study their price patterns. This FUT trading method requires some market knowledge. You can use price graphs to monitor the fluctuations of the whole FUT market or monitor the price of your selected players yourself.


    1. Buy
      Pick up the players you identify when their price is at its lowest. The FUT market generally tends to be at its lowest between 03 am and 06 am GMT. The cheaper you buy players for, the more coins you’ll make when you sell them.


    1. Sell
      Wait for the demand from European players to return to the FUT market and sell your players for a profit. The market is most active between 03 pm and 11 pm GMT. This is the time you should look to sell your player to try and maximize the coins you make.


  1. Repeat
    You can repeat this every day. You just need to keep tracking the prices of the
    players you’re flipping and the overall state of the FUT market.

Experts Opinion

“This is one of the oldest methods to make coins in Ultimate Team. It still works but you need to be up late and track carefully the prices of your targets.”