League SBC Investing

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Method Name League SBC Investing
Category Investing
Popularity Low
Risk Low
Reward High
Difficulty Medium
Required Time High
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 18
Similar Method Club Stocking
League SBC Investing is a trading method based on buying and holding players with potential to rise in value before the SBC release.

The Method

As you probably know, League Challenges were designed to complete a challenge for each club of a specific league. It is possible to make coins with it in many ways but the two most common ones are gridding and investing. In this last one, you need to identify players that have the potential to skyrocket in value when their League SBC gets released. As soon as you do it, buy and hold until the challenge release. You will then be able to sell it for a much higher price.

If you ever have completed these SBCs, you probably already realized that there are certain teams in League SBCs that cost 4 times as much as the other teams. This is because they are made up of mostly silver players. These players are rare, which means that they are packed less often. When demand for those players suddenly increases, they can go from discard value to selling for the maximum price range. The key to using this trading method is knowing which players to pick up.

Common Mistakes

When using the League SBC Investing Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Players with Alternatives
This method works because the silvers get rare as they’re not being packed as often. If the silver players have gold alternatives, they are unlikely to rise. Everyone will be picking up the cheaper gold option.

Clogging up the Transfer List
You never know when a new league SBC will be released. That’s why having many silver players on the transfer list is not a good idea. You could be using that space for other trading methods.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Find clubs in the five biggest that have mostly silver players. Think about which teams are going to be involved in the relegation battle, as they are often made up of silver players. You can also take a look at the requirements of past years. Check the clubs you identify and see if they only have a couple of options at a certain position. Remember that you are looking for the most exclusive players possible, so make sure there isn’t an alternative to the players you’re picking up. League SBCs always require 95 chemistry so people can’t go wild using players in the wrong position. This means the wide midfielders and defenders will be rarer as everyone needs them for chemistry. Give priority to them.


    1. Buy
      Monitor the players you identify. You’ll soon learn what’s a good price. There are always good deals on silvers. Most casual players assume they have a low value. They often list them up below the usual BIN or for minimum start open bid.


    1. Hold
      Store your players in your club until the league SBC gets released. Be patient.


  1. Sell
    As soon as EA released the league SBC in which you have invested, it’s time to sell your players. List them, as well as other players you have in your club.

Experts Opinion

“Not knowing when a league SBC will be released is a huge downside for every trading method based on these challenges, and this one is not an exception. Even if you pick the right players and buy them cheap, it is not guaranteed that you will recover your investment without having to hold it for too long. This method doesn’t work as well as in the past when league SBC rewards were themed player items.”