Early Access Trading

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Method Name Early Access Trading
Category Investing
Popularity High
Risk Medium
Reward High
Difficulty Medium
Required Time High
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 15
Similar Method Sniping Filters
Early Access Trading is a method that takes advantage of the low prices during early access and web app before the game's launch.

The Method

Early Access/ Web App is a crucial part of the FC cycle because that’s when everyone is at the same point. On this stage, the market is very low because not many people are on the game. This means almost any item invest you FUT coins into will shoot up in value when the full game is released.

To ensure that you get that initial boost over the competition, you need to be sure to open your returning loyalty packs and use the console during the Early Access only to play games.

During early access, coins are limited, there isn’t a massive amount of packs being opened and people are unable to jump into unlimited games, due to the time restriction in place. These factors keep cards fairly low in price, with the majority of the market unable to afford them. Then when full release comes around, people starting powering through ridiculous levels of packs, playing silly amounts of games and suddenly we see a huge uplift in the number of coins available on the market. This is what causes prices to rise, supply and demand. Initially, supply is very low and while demand is high, people are unable to afford these cards or people are reluctant to sell. Then upon release, demand is still high but supply is slowly starting to catch up. People begin listing their cards at what they consider a fair price, and as players obtain more and more coins, the buyers begin to enter the market and also help drive prices up.

One of our biggest opportunities during early access, will be winning cards on bid. With such a lack of coins floating around and so many people attempting to sell anything and everything, bidding quickly becomes an absolute goldmine. Obviously, if we are targeting open bids due to their ability to provide huge profits, we don’t want to be listing our cards on open bids. We should be aiming to list for a strong enough BIN price, that they are selling within a single cycle. The reason for this is simple once more. Our goal is to be playing the market, cleaning up with these quick flips and bids, and hence, we want as many coins liquid as possible. We always want to be planning ahead, spending our coins mentally before we have them, planning our targets and preparing. If we are doing this, these quicker sales on BIN, allow us to reinvest and continuously flip cards for a profit.

To maximise your profit, you need to identify the FUT items which are going to rise the most. Consumables, low rated META golds and TOTW NIF are always good investments.

Common Mistakes

When using the Early Access Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Holding Cards for too Long
If you’re making a profit, sell those items. You can then use those coins with another Ultimate Team trading method.

Kits, Badges and Staff
These items are always low in value and you shouldn’t waste your coins on them.

Step by Step

    1. Open your Packs
      Open your welcome-back packs as soon as possible. The quicker you open those packs, the quicker you can start trading on the new FIFA.


    1. Play
      Do anything that you can to maximise your FUT coin balance during that access time. Play games on the console during the early access or complete easy SBCs on the web app. Make sure you don’t waste your access time doing anything you can do on the web app.


    1. Re-Invest
      Re-invest your coins in items with a high potential to rise. Consumables are a great starting point because the time people can spend in-game is limited. Meaning very few players are using consumables and their value is low. At this stage, we recommend buying position change and chemistry style cards. Low-rated META golds from the five biggest leagues are also a good investment option. Everyone will be trying to buy them once the game fully launches. If you are able to snag yourself a TOTW 1 player for cheap, then you are already off to a flyer. The quantity of these on the market will be minimal, as they were only available during this only access period, and hence over time, they will begin to rocket.


  1. Sell
    Most of the players will say to you to wait for a few days after full release to sell the cards you have bought. This makes sense because prices during early access are commonly a lot lower than during the actual release. A good example is when the first Weekend League comes. It has a great impact on consumables prices.
    However, if you feel that have the capacity to understand how prices gradually rise at this stage, you don’t need to hold your investments. For example, if you packed a good card, you will have more coins by holding your investment, but the value of those coins in the current market will remain the same. There are windows in which you can liquidate, massively increase the coin pot, and then invest once again.

Experts Opinion

“This is the first trading method of the FIFA cycle. Most of the Early Access players will be focused on making coins, so you need to use your market knowledge in order to make this method to work. ”