Draft Grinding

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Method Name Draft Grinding
Category Low Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time High
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 16
Similar Method Sniping Filters
Draft Method is a trading method that takes advantage of player skills to earn rewards that pay off the participation fee.

The Method

Draft was released for the first time ever in FIFA 16 and since then many players use it to generate coins. Basically, they need to win as many matches as possible in order to receive a reward which value be higher than the participation fee (15,000 coins). This is only possible because the rewards of FUT Draft are tradeable, which means that you can sell its content and convert it into coins.

Obviously, this method only works for players with good skills. An average player receives a reward at the end of his campaign which value is 24,000 coins (higher or lower depending on the pack luck). Selling the content he will have a loss of almost 7,000 coins. However, for the ones who can easily win four online matches, the rewards may represent an average profit of 1,150 coins but can go up to 47,000 coins. If you don’t consistently finish your campaigns with 4 wins, you should try another method.

Using the FUT draft to supplement the other ways you make coins in FC Ultimate Team is a great way to mix trading and gameplay. You also get the chance to use high-end players most of us will never have in our Ultimate Team squad.

Common Mistakes

When using the FUT Draft Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Entering if you’re not a good FIFA player.
This is an obvious one. If you can’t win campaigns on a very constant basis then we’d recommend you stay away from this method. Losing the first match may represent an average loss of 9,500 coins.

Opening Packs Straight Away
Remember to check what’s around the corner in terms of promo releases. If you don’t need the coins you have invested in Draft back straight away, then hold the good packs you get until a new promo gets released.

Step by Step

    1. Play
      Select FUT Draft Online, pay the participation fee and try to win the four matches. The further you get in the draft the more likely you are to make those 15,000 coins back and see a profit. When you don’t win the four matches, your chances of making a profit are low.


    1. Open the Rewards
      Try to open your packs when themed items are available in packs. Packing one of those new special players could make you hundreds of thousands of coins.


  1. Sell
    Make sure you sell everything you pack. Check those consumables and non-rare gold players because they can be worth a lot more than you’d think. Selling as many of the items you get as possible, means making a profit is easier.

Experts Opinion

“Only the best FIFA players can make coins with this method. Even those are always dependent on the opponents they face and their pack luck in order to make a profit.”