Discard Special Players

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Method Name Discard Special Players
Category Investing
Popularity Low
Risk Low
Reward Medium
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 200000
First Time FIFA 17
Similar Method Club Stocking
Discard Special Players is an Ultimate Team trading method that takes advantage of special items listed on the transfer market at close to their discard price.

The Method

In case you don’t know, discarding is a selling option that allows you to sell your items to the system immediately and get coins instead. It means that, if you find items on the market whose price is their discard price, you are free to buy them because it will be impossible for you to lose money. If you cannot sell it, you can always quick sell and have your money back (excluding the EA tax).

The question here is: why would you buy these items that no one wants? Basically, because this method can make you many thousands of coins richer at no risk. In order to work, you need to buy special items that are as close to discard value as possible. It’s very common for squad building challenges to require special players. When that happens, the value of those special players will shoot up and you will be making a very decent profit.

This method is similar to Club Stocking because you will be buying to hold until people need it. However, in this case, the risk is lower. Not everyone is able to do this method because it requires a high budget.

Common Mistakes

When using the Discard Special Players Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Late Investing
This is the most common mistake. Buy before the hype. Make sure you’re not buying at the same time as every other Ultimate Team player. You want to avoid buying in the days leading up to a big promo. Everyone will be doing the same, inflating the prices of players.

Panic Selling
If the prices of your items don’t rise immediately, be patient and hold onto them. In the worst of scenarios, you will have your coins back discarding them. However, don’t do it unless you need your coins. You don’t know how long the panic will last. Prices will almost always recover in the long term.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      When there are no SBCs out that require special players or on the downtimes between promos search on the market for TOTW or special players whose price is as close to their discard price as possible. These prices are much higher when compared to regular items. You can check them on our dedicated page.


    1. Buy
      As soon as you find special players at the lowest price possible, you know that it is time to buy them. The more varied the players you have, the less risk you are taking. Don’t risk picking many items of the same player, to have EA drop an SBC with different requirements than anticipated.


    1. Hold
      Now that you have bought several special items, it’s time to hold on until their price goes up.


    1. Buy
      Set a price you want to sell for and stick to it. A usual trend with these special players is that they shoot up when a squad building challenge is released. People then flood the market making prices drop. Prices will then recover as more people do the SBC.


  1. Re-Invest
    You can make coins with this method all year. Make sure you keep checking the prices in between promos and SBCs. You never want to miss an opportunity to make coins with discard value special cards.

Experts Opinion

“A way of making coins with almost no risk? That’s something that for sure every investor loves. However, you will need to hold your investment and you will not know for how long you will have to do it. That’s why This method is more suitable for those who already have a good bank account. ”