Consumables Trading

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Method Name Consumables Trading
Category Investing
Popularity High
Risk Low
Reward Low
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Club Stocking
Consumables Trading is a method that takes advantage of how volatile consumables are, to buy them when their prices are low and sell them when they are high.

The Method

People love to trade players but there are other items on Ultimate Team. That’s the case of consumables. Their value fluctuates a lot throughout a FC game cycle but it is a safer investment since they are always needed.

The key to making coins with this method is buying low and selling high. Consumables prices follow the same trend as players: lower during the week and higher when everyone’s building their weekend league squads or when a big player SBC is released. However, the main thing that drives prices of consumables down is packs being opened during promo events and weekly rewards.

Player contracts are essential for who is playing Champions, but they are not the only ones. People also need consumable items to convert the new players to perfect positions and give them overpowered chemistry styles.

Common Mistakes

When using the Consumables Trading Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Trading One Type One
Don’t put all your coins in consumables and miss other opportunities to make coins. If you have spare coins then consumables are always a safe investment.

Step by Step

    1. Select your Target
      Your budget is limited, so you will have to decide which consumables you are going to buy. Is the weekend league coming up? Is there a player SBC coming that could need a position change? Are there new promo players coming that need chemistry style pace boosts? All these factors can make consumables prices go up to ten times more.


    1. Buy
      Everyone uses consumables, meaning most FUT players have a basic knowledge of when consumables are undervalued. Usually, the best time to buy consumables is during the week or when special packs drop. In these times it is possible to find rare gold contracts (don’t go for silver or bronze contracts), for example, at 150-200 coins. All you have to do is to go to the transfer market and mass bid or snipe everything you see in your price range.


    1. Hold
      One of the good things about trading with consumables is that you can store an unlimited amount of them in your club, keeping your transfer list free. It means that you can aim for a small profit on each card but, since you bought hundreds, you will be making, even so, a decent profit. Just hold on until prices go up again.


    1. Sell
      As soon as prices rise, it’s time to sell. List the items you have stored in your club but don’t put a high price on them. Your goal is to sell everything quick. If you bought contracts for 200 coins, sell them for 300. You will make less than 100 coins in each card but, if you sell 200 items, you will be making almost 20,000 coins with no effort.


  1. Repeat
    Whenever the market is in a slower period, make sure to check the price of consumables. There is always potential profit to be made.

Experts Opinion

“Managers, club items and consumables are usually very profitable because most of the community is focused on players. To do this method you only need 15 minutes to buy and another 15 minutes to sell, each week. If you know what you are doing, it is almost risk-free.”