Complementary Goods

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Method Name Complementary Goods
Category Low Budget
Popularity Low
Risk Medium
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time Medium
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 13
Similar Method Substitute Goods
Complementary Goods is a trading method that takes advantage of price fluctuation on cards associated to items that were just released.

The Method

In Economics, a complementary good is a good whose use is related to the use of an associated or paired good. For example, if there is an increase in the sale of laptops, it is expected to see more people hiring an internet service. This is called complementary goods. Goods that are often bought with other goods. Goods that fit together. This concept is applicable to Ultimate Team as well.

This method is especially useful because chemistry plays an important role in the game. People tend to associate newly released cards to good player with who they connect well. When a new special card (that is hyped up) comes out, the demand for cards that are related to it goes up as well. The more desirable the newly released card is, the more potential you have to make a profit on complementary players who give good chemistry to that new card.

In order to work, you need to know how to choose a complementary player. First of all, the new card is supposed to be hard to link for chemistry. If EA releases a player that is hard to link, the options are limited for players to buy to link him. Therefore, the demand for this complementary player is high. Secondly, the complementary card has to be popular and in demand. Otherwise, no one will buy it. Finally, the value of the new card and the complementary good need to be similar.

Common Mistakes

When using the Complementary Goods Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Low Demand
In order to work, the new item has to be really wanted. Otherwise, there won’t be any fluctuation in the price of the potential complementary good.

Different Values
People won’t buy a 10k coins player to link with a new 800k value card. Usually, the value of the new card and the complementary good need to be similar.

Step by Step

    1. Identify a Newly Released Item
      Before anything else, you need to find the new special or hype card. Look for new (or potential) TOTW/MOTM/SBC for cards that are relatively hyped; those that have good stats, are talked about in the community and people are generally excited to use. The new card has to be very popular and in demand, which means that many people will be willing to buy it and the players that link well with him.


    1. Choose your Targets
      Once you have identified the card, it’s time to choose the best complementary good possible. Look at your team and see which good strong (and perfect!) links you could use to fit the new card there. It’s important to pick META players who are good in-game and similar in price.


    1. Buy
      As soon as the new player is released into the game (whether it’s an SBC, Objective or in packs) and you have identified interesting complementary goods, go the transfer market and buy some of the chosen players. Remember to double-check if their prices haven’t gone up already before you bid. In that case: stay away and find another player.


    1. Hold
      Usually, complementary players rise within 1 to 12 hours after the release of the new player/SBC.


  1. Sell
    Track the prices of the players you have invested in several times per day and list your items when you are happy with the price. If you see that a card is over-invested (and starts dropping quickly), take your loss and get out.

Experts Opinion

“This trading method is more suitable for experienced players. You need to master several things, like chemistry and transfer market, making this one of the most difficult methods to use. If you think you are ready, you may make a good amount of coins with it.”