Below BIN Bidding

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Method Name Below BIN Bidding
Category Low Budget
Popularity High
Risk Low
Reward Low
Difficulty Medium
Required Time High
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Mass Bidding
Below BIN Bidding is a FUT trading method that takes advantage of buying items on open bid for a lower price than their lowest BIN.

The Method

To understand how the Below BIN Bidding works, go to the transfer market, pick a player and check what is his lowest BIN price. Then, add several items to the watch list and see what are the final prices paid for them. As you will see, many items will be sold on an open bid for a lower price than the lowest BIN.

The basic principle of this method is buying items on open bid for cheap enough that you can list them below their current lowest BIN, meaning you can make a small profit on each item.

This FC trading method can be very effective when used on a mass scale. It’s perfect for FUT traders with smaller budgets. You can target players in your prince range and invest as much you can afford.

It’s particularly effective when the FUT market is flooded with players being listed on open bid. This is caused by a rise in the amount of packs being opened because of a promo release or rewards drop. To make coins with this FIFA trading method you must pick the right targets and buy and sell as many players as possible. Repeating the process means that you can continue to make coins for as long as you want grind.

Common Mistakes

When using the Below BIN Bidding Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Small Profit Margins
Always make sure that the price you are paying per player leaves enough room for you to make a profit after EA takes their 5%. Do not get drawn into bidding wars. If a player goes over your target bidding price just move on to the next one.

Players that Fluctuate Heavily
Players that fluctuate a lot are a big risk when using the Below BIN Bidding. You don’t want to win 50 of a player, just to find out that their lowest BIN has fallen while you were bidding.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Find players or other items with the lowest BIN between 2k and 10k. Items in this price range are the best because they’re cheap enough that you should be able to pick up multiple items. The key to this trading method is winning as many items as possible.


    1. Check the Lowest BIN
      For the items you have chosen, find the lowest BIN price possible. To do this, simply go to the search settings and in the price section, keep lowering the BIN price down until no cards are found when you search. This is the minimum price you should sell at.


    1. Set the Price
      Set the BID price to a number lower than the lowest BIN. The number you choose depends on how much profit you wish to make, but you may also need to take into account the market tax if it is there. We recommend going with something around 1,500 coins below the lowest BIN.


    1. Bid
      Go through the search results and bid on every item you see which fits under your maximum BID price. Bid on about 5-10 cards, depending on how much your budget can handle. Then check on how they are doing. If you are outbid, place another bid again but make sure to keep under your set maximum BID price. If the price does go out of range, remember the name of the card or cards you missed out on.


    1. Sell
      Once those auctions are over, check the prices of all the auctions you won, record the price and sell accordingly. For the items you have missed, check the prices and then record them. For some, you may be able to bid a bit higher than the maximum BID to stay in the auction.


  1. Repeat
    After a few repeats, you should have a decent-sized list of all the cards you have encountered. This should make it much easier for you when buying and selling, so the more you do this method, the faster you get at it.

Experts Opinion

“Yes, it is true that with this method you can make coins all day but the fact is that it is very time-consuming. Sometimes it can be very frustrating too. ”