Wembley Stadium

90000 seats
Wembley Stadium
Official Stadium Name Wembley Stadium
Former Names
Alternative Names Wembley Stadium connected by EE
Inauguration Date 19/03/2007
Opening Game Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United
Opening Game Date 19/03/2007
Attendance Record 89874
Record Match Cardiff City 2-1 Portsmouth
Record Date 17/05/2008
Design HOK Sport
Foster and Partners
Cost £789 million
Owner The Football Association
Operator Wembley National Stadium Limited
Tenants England National Team (2007-present)
Tottenham Hotspur (2017-2019)
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Pitch Dimension 105x68 meters
Surface Desso GrassMaster

Location and Contacts

Continent Europe
City London
Address London HA9 0WS
Coordinates 51°33'13" N - 0°16'29" E
Telephone +44 800 169 9933
Website Official Website

In-Game Details

Category Real
Shadows Many
UT Quality Gold Rare
Default Time 14:30
Camera Height 15
Camera Zoom 9
Customization Tifos
Stadium Themes
Home FIFA/FC Clubs England
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Stadium History

England’s largest stadium was born in pain (2003-2007) – delivered over 4 years behind initial plans, with costs doubling the early estimates. The general contractor and investors ended up in court, many events had to be cancelled.

The seating is divided into 3 tiers, middle one of which is dedicated solely to business clients on long-term contracts. This scheme helped finance the venue itself and now strongly contributes to the profits, but has also earned some criticism from media and fans. This kind of layout divides regular fans and separates them, making it hard to produce a proper atmosphere.

Most characteristic feature of the ground is of course the 133-metre steel arch, which is to an icon of the ground, just like it was with the two towers of its predecessor. At night the arch is lighted up and can be seen from many kilometers.