2 of 5 stars
Name 3142
Base Formation 352
Attacking Score 3 /3
Defending Score 2 /3
Counter Score 1 /3
Popularity Low
Availability FC | UT
FIFA/FC Editions FC 24 | FC 25 | FIFA 19 | FIFA 20 | FIFA 21 | FIFA 22 | FIFA 23
Features 3xx
Slow Build-Up


Variation of the 3-5-2 formation where a defender (preferably a sweeper) helps midfielders on attack and defence.

Very attacking formation.
Many players in the middle.
Defensively weak and susceptible to dangerous counter-attacks.
Needs fast defenders and wingers with a medium defensive work rate.

Pos Att WR Def WR Important Attributes
CB R M H Pac Def
CB C L H Def Phy
CB L M H Pac Def
CDM M M Pas Def
CM R M H Pas Def
CM L M H Def Phy
RM M M Pac Dri
LM H M Pac Dri
ST R H M Phy Sho
ST L M L Sho Pac
Key Player
CDM | Most of your play will hinge on CDM and his ability to play good, sharp passes. The opposition might not see him as the danger man in this set-up too so you can use him as a foil really well and dictate play through this position.

Play Styles

Balanced, slow, possession play through the middle areas suits this formation best. Suitable for the games you’re trying to win and you need to concede no or fewer goals at the same time.

How to Use this Formation

Like in 3-5-2, this formation is heavily reliant on the wing-backs providing width for the team. The wing players are more withdrawn in favour of one of the central midfielders being pushed further upfield into the playmaker position.

How to Counter this Formation

The trick to beat this formation is to play on the wings.

Formations you should use to beat this one (by descending order)
451, 4132, 4312, 433 (4).