Mini Market Crashes

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Method Name Mini Market Crashes
Category Low Budget
Popularity Low
Risk High
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time Medium
MRP 50000
First Appearance FIFA 13
Similar Method Market Crashes

Mini Market Crashes is a trading method that takes advantage of suddenly drop in value of a certain player or type of player on the FUT market.

Can be used with Multiple Targets
No Gameplay Required

Can Clog your Transfer List
Have to Hold for Profit
Requires Basic Market Knowledge

First of all, we need to explain what a mini-crash is. It happens when a certain player or type of player suddenly lose value on the FUT market. This usually happens when special player items are re-released, an upgraded version of a player is out or a squad building challenge is launched featuring unexpected requirements. You can use these in a similar way to a larger market crash to make FUT coins.

A re-release increases supply. The panic this causes floods the market. Once the special players are out of packs again and their value will recover. When a new version of a player drops, any older special versions drop in value. This happens as people sell the older version to try and pick up the newly released version.

SBC releases can cause a mini crash, if players that people had invested in are not required. Everyone panics and list there now unneeded investments at the same time. The POTM SBCs can often cause a mini crash as EA try their best to stop anyone investors making a profit.


When using the Mini Market Crashes Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Over Investing
Don’t leave yourself with no coins. You need to be able to make FIFA coins with other trading methods while you wait for prices to recover.

Panic Selling
If your players don’t rise in value straight away, be patient and just hold them. You never know when EA will drop something that rockets the FUT market upwards again.


1 Analyze
Identifying something that could cause a specific player to drop. EA often releases ‘Best Of TOTWs’ or TOTW SBCs. This will instantly cause high-end TOTW players to drop. Sometimes it’s when EA switch up requirements for an SBC. People panic list their investments and undercutting ensues.

2 Track
Monitor any new FUT content that’s dropping. Knowing the effect live content has on the market is the key to this FIFA trading method. Keeping up to date with our Twitter account is the best way to stay in the know.

3 Choose your Targets
When you see a player’s value crashing, ask yourself these questions. Is it a META player? Is this player possible SBC fodder? Is this player high rated? Is this player usually rare on the market? If the answer is yes to one or more then it’s a good investment. A player’s value won’t recover for no reason. Keep in mind that they must be usable in-game or in an SBC. Special players from big leagues are always great. If a POTM SBC drops with unexpected requirements the market will be flooded with players as people panic list.

4 Buy
Use that panic to your advantage and buy the players you have identified.

5 Sell
Sell when the players value recovers. The holding time will be different for each player you pick up. Some take a few hours to recover, others a few days. Usually the higher the rating, the quicker a card will recover. These players are rarer and being used more often in people’s FUT squads.


“This is a good method for experienced FUT players who love to take risks. It can be highly rewarding but only for who master the transfer market and is always up to date with the latest FUT news.”