Silver Pack Method

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Method Name Silver Pack Method
Category Low Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk Low
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Medium
MRP 10000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Bronze Pack Method
Silver Pack Method, also known as SPM, is a trading method in which players open multiple silver packs to sell its content for a higher price.

The Method

Silver Packs are ones of the cheapest FUT packs. They only cost 2,500 coins and usually, they include four players (can go up to five), six consumables, one stadium item and one manager. The idea behind them is that they are so cheap in the store that you have decent chances of getting the cost of the pack back by selling the items you get, whilst also giving you the chance of some lucky pickups along the way too.

The SPM, as the Silver Pack Method is also known, is like the lower risk BPM but can make you a lot more FUT coins if done properly. All you need to do is open the cheapest silver packs available and sell the contents. Most of the times, the method isn’t profitable but when the value of silver cards is inflated it can generate thousands of coins in very little time.

The silver pack method needs some practice and there are a few tips to take into consideration doing this method. The key to having success with this method is knowing when to use it. Is there an SBC that needs silver players? Is there a season objective that requires silver players? If the answer is yes, then using the SPM is a great way to boost your FIFA coin balance. The rarity of silver items means some have a high value even without demand being boosted by an SBC or objective.

In order to work, you also need to sell almost everything. At least try. Even if a player does not sell at all, it often will be bought for 200 coins. Silver cards are sometimes needed for SBCs or objectives. Remember that Silver players can be extremely expensive due to league SBCs, where you need to submit 11 players of a specific team. Hold on silver cards from leagues that
will receive a league SBC and list them as soon as are released a specific league SBC.

Common Mistakes

When using the Silver Pack Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Using it at the Wrong Time
Unlike the BPM, most of the times the SPM isn’t profitable. It’s key to identify when the SPM could be profitable before risking your FUT coins.

Don’t Get Lazy.
If you want this method to work, you must check the price of every player. Even the lowest-rated silvers can have value. If you’re getting tired of checking prices, then we’d recommend moving to a different trading method.

Clogging up the Transfer List.
One of the issues with this method is filling up your transfer list with items that take a while to sell. Be persistent and keep re-listing them until they do. Knowing when to keep listing, store or quick sell an item becomes easier the more you use the SPM.

Step by Step

    1. Identify if Silver Items Prices are Inflated
      When an SBC or an objective that needs silver items is out, go to the transfer market and check if their price has increased.


    1. Open the Pack
      Go to the FUT store and open a Silver Pack. This pack is available to be paid with FIFA Points but you should not do it. Instead, use 2,500 coins from your balance.


    1. Check the Prices
      Use the transfer market filters or a database to check the prices of every single item you got. No matter the league, nation or position make sure you check the value of silver players. They’re often so rare that even ones not required in SBCs can have value. This step is even more important with this trading method than the BPM, as you’re risking more FUT coins.


    1. Sell
      List everything a little bit under the lowest BIN. Remember that you only need to make 2,500 coins to get back the coins you invested but the more you sell, the more profit you will make.


    1. Store
      If the items aren’t sold, make sure you don’t quick sell them, just store them in your club. Silver players may become valuable in the future or you can also use them in the upgrade SBCs to generate non-rare gold players. Everything else that you cannot sell, like contracts and managers, can be used on your club.


    1. Repeat
      Silver packs are one of the six regular packs that are always available on the FUT store. This means that you can repeat the method over and over again. Because SBCs will always be released, the SPM will generate FUT coins throughout the FIFA game cycle.


  1. Re-Check Prices
    If you use the Silver Pack Method a lot, you’ll end up with a large number of silver players and other items in your club. Make sure you keep an eye on any market moves that could increase their value. Sell them while their prices are high.

Experts Opinion

“On average, you have a loss of almost 1,800 coins every time you open a Silver Pack. That’s a lot of coins considering that you paid 2,500 coins for that pack. However, for those experienced players who can identify specific times when silver items prices are inflated, the SIlver Pack Method can represent a ‘silver mine’.”