Silver Items Trading

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Method Name Silver Items Trading
Category Low Budget
Popularity Low
Risk Low
Reward Low
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 12
Similar Method Sniping Filter
Silver Items Trading is a method that takes advantage of price fluctuations on silver player items.

The Method

Did you know that it is possible to make coins with silver items? By watching valuable silver cards and bidding on them, you can make great profits every hour. In fact, trading with silvers is often the first method a beginner uses to practice trading. After that, they can move to golds, special cards and ultimately Icons. In the opinion of some experienced traders, this is one of the most powerful low-budget methods.

The Silver Items Trading is not about the massive profits per flip. It’s about the
small profits on many cards. Your aim is to bid on a lot of cards in one sitting and then list them on the market for a profit. Some of these will make you just 100-200 coins profit a card but some will make you upwards of 1,000 coins. With this it’s not necessarily about the quality of the deals but more about the quantity. The more successful bids you end up with, the more profit you can expect. The most important thing with this method is that you virtually can’t lose coins. Most of the time, you’ll be winning cards for the lowest bid possible meaning even if you sell for 250 coins, you’re already making a profit. Flip 100 cards with 300
coins profit each and you will be making 30,000 coins easily.

This method works well by using certain filters and even better with League SBCs or with challenges that require silver cards.

Common Mistakes

When using the Silver Items Trading Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Incorrect Filters
How good this method works, depends on the filters you set. Always make sure that several players are included (at least five) and the cheapest
ones are above 700 coins. Mix it with filters from the most popular leagues, nations and outfield positions and you will be ready to go.

This method doesn’t have a lot of competition because people tend to overlook it. If you notice somebody else is on your filter, search for another one.

Step by Step

    1. Buy
      Go to the transfer market and filter silvers above 700 coins minimum price from the top 5 leagues and outfielders positions (LB, RB, LM, RM, LW or RW). Minor league Silver cards rarely hold enough value for them to be consistently tradable. Outfielders, in this case, are always worth more than GKs and central players which there’s an abundance of. Focus more on rares as they’ll be easier to sell. Check every rare card you see and, if there’s an undercut, mass bid on every card you see with 5 minutes remaining to expire. You don’t want to be sitting around for any longer than that for the bids to expire. So once you reach that 5-minute mark, it’s time to switch to the next filter. Rinse and repeat until your Transfer Targets are full and you no longer can bid.


    1. Sell
      Check every card one by one for its current market price. List either matching or undercutting the lowest current listing by 50–100 coins. This will in turn make cards sell fast and allow you to reinvest your coins into new cards. You should also scroll to see how many cards are listed. If there’s not that many, that most likely means there’s high demand and in those cases, you could list for slightly higher. That sort of knowledge you’ll pick up and refine the more you do it. Essentially you’re buying the card low and selling for more. Always relist your silvers before lowering the price. Silver cards do not have a massive demand like gold cards, so it might take some time to sell them. Remember to never list many items of the same player for the same price.


  1. Repeat
    This trading method is repeatable, meaning you can use it whenever you want to increase your balance.

Experts Opinion

“This method works extremely well with League SBCs. You just need to use filters like min BID 350, max BID 550 and min BIN 1,500 coins and you will be able to make tons of coins.”