Season Objectives

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Method Name Season Objectives
Category Low Budget
Popularity Low
Risk Medium
Reward Low
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Low
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 18
Similar Method Pack SBC Market Flooding
Season Objectives is an Ultimate Team trading method that takes advantage of specific objectives that cause demand for a certain type of item.

The Method

There is a diverse mix of rewards available in the objectives feature, ranging from packs, players, club customization content or other items to help progress your club such as match coin boosts. However, if you want to improve your coin balance, you should keep the focus on items needed to complete those objectives.

These items will be more in demand and their prices will go up. If you have any on your club or if you get them cheap on the Ultimate Team transfer market, you can make a few coins.

Most of the times, objectives will not require any specific type of item or, when they do it, the range will be so wide that prices will not go up enough to make it worth it.

Common Mistakes

When using the Season Objectives Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Small Profit Objectives
If you spend any FUT coins to complete an objective, make sure you don’t cut your profit margins too small. Always remember EA will charge you a 5% tax on any items you sell.

Step by Step

    1. Check New Objectives
      Go to the in-game objectives screen or to our dedicated page and see if there is any new objective available. Since daily objectives can’t be used on this method, you should focus on weekly and seasonal objectives, which are predominantly released on Fridays at 6 pm UK time.


    1. Select your Targets
      The pack rewards you get from objectives are almost always untradeable, which means that this is not the best strategy to make coins. Instead, you should identify if objectives are causing demand for a certain type of item. Is there an objective that means you need a player from a certain team, league or nation in order to complete it? If there is, these cards will be more in demand meaning their prices will go up.


    1. Buy
      Go to your club and search for the in-demand items you have identified. You should also use another trading method to buy them from the transfer market at a lower price. Since this is not a popular method, most likely you will find a few items below the new current price.


  1. Sell
    List the items you have on your club and, as soon as you win the auctions, list them too. It’s best to do this as near to the new drop of objectives as possible as that initial hype is the best time to sell.

Experts Opinion

“You can only do this method when rare specific objectives are out, making it one of the most unpopular ones.”