Player Release Sniping

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Method Name Player Release Sniping
Category High Budget
Popularity Low
Risk High
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time Low
MRP 200000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Ones to Watch Trading
Player Release Sniping is an Ultimate Team trading method that takes advantage of uncertain player prices when a new promo event is out.

The Method

Electronic Arts drops new events almost every Friday and most of them feature new special items. Except in a few cases, these players are only announced when the event gets released. No one knows who they will be and no one knows which stats they will have. As soon as the promo drops, it isn’t easy to know what should be their price until the market does its job and find the balance between demand and supply. This trading method uses the market uncertainty around new promo team releases to make coins.

While people are unsure about how much new special players are worth, you can pick up players for cheap and flip them an hour later when the market settles. You need to be ready to check the listings of new players as soon as a new promo drops at 6 pm GMT. Identify one or two of the lower-rated players that fit the META. People often list these kinds of players without checking their proper value.

This is high risk and high-reward trading method that requests extensive market knowledge. You need to use your own judgment to decide what’s a decent price to buy and when to sell.

Common Mistakes

When using the Player Release Sniping Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Too Expensive Players
It’s not worth the effort to try and get a good deal on players priced more than 100,000 coins. They are rarely listed below their actual value.

Non-META players
META players are always going to be in demand because people want them in their squads.

Step by Step

    1. Identify an Event
      As soon as a new promo is out, you need to be ready. The best way to know when a new event will be released is following our Twitter or our schedule page.


    1. Choose your Targets
      Each promo team usually features 11 new special players. From those, you need to pick up one or two 82-85 rated players, from the biggest leagues and that fit the META. These players are low-rated enough that people will list them quickly, but they still have a good combination of things that will make them in demand. You need to do this as fast as possible after the team announcement, otherwise, the price will already be settled.


    1. Buy
      The market uncertainty that causes players to be listed at a good value is at its worst in the first five minutes after players are in packs. People rush to list any player they pack. That’s on this time frame you should buy the special players you find below your reference price.


  1. Sell
    List instantly for profit. Your price should depend on the other prices you find on the transfer market for that player. If you think the card and the price you paid are good enough, hold them until they go out of packs.

Experts Opinion

“This is not an easy method but can give you huge profits in just a few minutes of your time. All you need is to be good at guessing prices.”