Ones to Watch Trading

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Method Name Ones to Watch Trading
Category Low Budget
Popularity High
Risk High
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time Medium
MRP 100000
First Time FIFA 17
Similar Method Icon Flipping
Ones to Watch Trading is a method that takes advantage of price fluctuation on OTW players, based on their real life football performances.

The Method

In case you don’t know, Ones to Watch cards are live items released on the game launch date and assigned to a selection of the most promising players who have been permanently transferred. These items dynamically upgrade and have an opportunity to increase in ratings throughout the season.

The better the players perform in real life, the higher their ratings become. As you can imagine, this means that these OTWs go up and down in value each week, providing a continuous opportunity to make Ultimate Team coins.

The key to maximizing profit with the Ones to Watch trading method is knowing when to buy and when to sell. Generally, you should buy after a game, when that player did not do anything outstanding, or alternatively at the start of the week. You can also buy when someone scores but you need to be super fast because the price
can rise up to 35% within 5 minutes. On the other hand, the best times to sell OTWs are before the game, a few minutes after a goal contribution or Tuesday. Almost every time the OTW card actually gets the upgrade, it drops in price, so there is no reason to wait until that time.

Common Mistakes

When using the Ones to Watch Trading Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Panic Selling
This is very common. Never panic sell any type of FUT investment. There is an opportunity for OTW players to shoot up in value every time their team plays in real life.

Over Investing
Stay diversified. You should never spend your coins on one type of investment.

Holding Too Long
You may think that it would be best to hold OTWs until after the TOTW is confirmed. However, this is what everyone does meaning the market gets flooded with OTWs. This drives their value down.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      The first step of this method is to identify META Ones to Watch players, especially from the biggest leagues. They need to be good enough that people will want to use them in their Ultimate Team squads if they get upgraded.


    1. Buy
      As with any other method, the cheaper you pick up your targets, the more FUT coins you will make when you sell them. In other words, buy OTW items when the players hit the lowest value each week. People normally sell the OTWs if they are having a bad game meaning there is an increase in the number of cards listed forcing the price down. That’s why you should buy just after a real-life game where the OTW has played, but not well enough for people to think they’ll get an upgrade.


    1. Sell
      In the same way, to maximize your profit, you need to sell when OTW items are at their highest value:

      1) Before the Match
      Selling an OTW just before a game is a low-risk investment since the player should rise slightly if he is playing in the game. Make sure you check the IRL starting 11s of the teams your OTWs play for. They’re normally announced an hour before the kick-off of the game.

      2) After a Goal Contribution
      If you decide to hold a player and he performs poorly, his price will be even lower than before the game. On the other hand, if he scores people will panic buy him since he might be getting an IF and it will be the perfect time to sell him. Obviously, you can still hold him to see if he scores again but it will be a bigger risk.

      3) Tuesday
      Many players think that OTWs go up after the announcement but that is not true. This is because most people are trying to sell them at that point. Tuesday is probably the best day to sell these items after the hype if you missed the selling point for the cards that did well.


  1. Repeat
    You can do this method every week. Don’t forget to keep an eye on IRL fixtures from teams of players you have identified as targets.

Experts Opinion

“We love methods like this that make us watch real football matches with even more intensity. It’s fun. The risk is high and you will face a lot of competition but you can make a lot of coins with it. ”