Marquee Matchups Sniping

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Method Name Marquee Matchups Sniping
Category Low Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk Low
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Medium
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 18
Similar Method Marquee Matchups Investing
Marquee Matchups Sniping is a trading method based on the price fluctuation of players which teams were selected for active marquee matchups.

The Method

Marquee Matchups are Squad Building Challenges that highlighted the key real-life matches for the coming week or coming UEFA matchday. New regular MMs are released every week, featuring four challenges each. Additionally, two UEFA challenges are also out at specific times. The SBCs usually require players from either of the two teams, from the league, and/or from the nation that the teams play in.

The demand for the players needed to complete the SBCs goes way up and their value does the same. These players are often low rated and people that are unaware of their increased value often list them up for cheap, making them perfect targets to try and snipe.

The only negative side of the Marquee Matchups Sniping Method is that lots of people will also be trying to snipe them.

Like many other trading methods, this one takes advantage of price fluctuations on specific times and players.

Common Mistakes

When using the Marquee Matchup Sniping Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Being Late
A few days after the Marquee Matchup release, demand for these players will fall. Most people want to complete the SBC set as quickly as possible. This means fewer people will be buying these players as the week goes on and their price will fall.

Squeezing the Profit Margin
Always make sure that the price you are sniping at leaves enough room for you to make a profit after EA takes their 5% tax.

Step by Step

    1. Check the Requirements
      New regular marquee matchups are out every Thursday at 6 pm GMT, while UEFA MMs are also available on selected Tuesdays. Both usually offer a few good pack rewards. This is enough to increase the price of the players required to complete the SBC. Check the requirements that could cause a certain type of player’s value to rise.


    1. Check the Players on your Club
      Go to your club and see if you already have any players that have risen in value. They might be shooting up in value. Checking your club whenever an SBC drops is good practice if you’re looking to maximise your FIFA coin balance.


    1. Check the Price
      Use the FUT market to find the current lowest BIN for the type of player you have chosen to try and snipe.


    1. Snipe
      Set up your sniping filter to show players listed at least 1k below their current lowest BIN. This will give you a big enough gap to make some profit on each player you manage to snipe.


    1. Sell
      List the players you snipe just below their lowest BIN. Quick sales mean you’ll have coins to continue sniping.


  1. Repeat
    You can repeat this with other teams/players on the current week and repeat it again on other weeks.

Experts Opinion

“This method was supposed to be an easy way to boost the coin balance but usually there are too many players doing it, making it hard to snipe players at a low price.”