Icon Flipping

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Method Name Icon Flipping
Category High Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk High
Reward High
Difficulty Difficult
Required Time Medium
MRP 500000
First Time FIFA 18
Similar Method OTW Trading
Icon Flipping is an Ultimate Team trading method in which you buy Icon items below the average market price and sell them for a profit.

The Method

Generally speaking, Icon Flipping is simple: know the average market price of an icon, buy below and sell for the average price (or more). Trading with Icons is a high risk, high reward because their value is so high. You need to make quick decisions when buying icons as any that are listed for a good deal don’t last long on the FUT market.

Building the knowledge you need to use this method successfully is very difficult since their prices fluctuate a lot. This is because Icons are very rare. You must learn the price fluctuations of an Icon to identify what is a good price to buy them for. Start with one icon, learn their price fluctuations inside out and then move on to more icons as you build your FC trading knowledge.

Memorizing prices is the hardest part of the Icon Flipping Method, especially because prices change so often. Do whatever you find helps best (watching the market, make a spreadsheet, or just take note) so that you can learn your sell and buy prices because there are so many icons, and knowing the price is the difference between you getting a deal or not.

When a certain Icon sells very fast, this can mean 2 things: another trader is watching the icons in this price range or the item is very popular. When another
trader is on the same filter, practice to be faster or try another filter. If you notice the card is very popular, this means that if you get a good deal it will sell very fast. Fast sales are great because you can make new moves.

Common Mistakes

When using the Icon Flipping Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Lack of Knowledge
The key to using this method successfully is knowing what’s a good price for each Icon. You need to have full knowledge of Icons price fluctuations before you start trading.

Over Investing
Diversify. Don’t spend all your coins on one type of investment.

Step by Step

    1. Choose your Targets
      Pick an Icon that you can afford. We recommend that you do not risk more than half of your FUT coin balance.


    1. Study the Market
      Study the transfer market and learn when and why their price fluctuates.


    1. Buy
      There are three ways to get the best deals. The first one is bidding. Go to the transfer market and see if there are open bids on cards and add them to your watchlist. When the card starts to expire, place your bids. The second method is the 59th minute. Go to the market add a price filter, hit search and scroll all the way to the last page. Have an excel sheet next to you and check if the new listings are interesting. You can also continuously monitor the market to see if any item is listed below the average price. Icons are very rare so this can take a while.


    1. Hold
      If you decide to pick up an Icon, you should already know its price fluctuations. If his price is low, you should hold on in order to maximize your profit.


    1. Sell
      List the Icon as soon as his price hits the sky. Keep relisting and, if it doesn’t sell, lower the price. People seem to prefer to buy an Icon with zero games played. If the ‘Fresh Icon’ is an attacker or a midfielder, aim for around 3% more and, if it’s a very meta card, you can even get 5% more.


  1. Repeat
    The more you trade with Icons, the easier it gets. Once you have learned the value and fluctuations of one Icon, jump to the next one.

Experts Opinion

“Icons are rare. However, since their price fluctuates a lot, it is possible to find items listed below their market price. This method is like a war to see who has more knowledge: the seller or the buyer.”