Guaranteed Profit SBCs

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Method Name Guaranteed Profit SBCs
Category Low Budget
Popularity Medium
Risk Low
Reward Medium
Difficulty Easy
Required Time Medium
MRP 50000
First Time FIFA 17
Similar Method FUT Draft Grinding
Guaranteed Profit SBC is a trading method that takes advantage of cheap challenges which rewards are more valuable than the requirements costs.

The Method

Squad Building Challenges were added to FUT in FIFA 17 and, since then, every time a new challenge is out we go check how profitable (or not) it is. In some rare cases, it is guaranteed that the rewards will be more valuable than the players we have submitted. In other words, we will make coins when completing those challenges.

Completing cheap SBCs for great packs is a way to make FIFA coins and feed your pack addiction. You can get a lot of great FUT packs for a lot less than you’d pay in the store. However, you need to analyze very carefully the rewards and the cost of the challenge.

Advanced SBCs are a great source of high-value FUT packs. Once the initial hype dies, they become very cheap. The same goes for league SBCs. These are always very expensive when they drop, but get cheaper as time passes. Opening higher value packs means they’re more likely to contain cards you can sell for profit.

Common Mistakes

When using the Guaranteed Profit SBC Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Expensive Challenges
Always make sure the value of the pack you’re getting is worth the coins you risk completing the SBC. The better the pack, the higher the chance of packing something good.

Completing SBCs during Hype
Pack SBCs create hype, everyone wants more FUT packs ASAP. Give it a few weeks or even months and complete the SBCs when everyone else has moved on.

Step by Step

    1. Choose the SBC
      Every time a new challenge is out, we publish it on a dedicated page of our website. From there, you can check the rewards and how much they value. If the value of the pack you’re getting is worth the coins you risk completing the SBC, move to the next step.


    1. Complete the SBC
      Use the cheapest players possible to submit the challenge. Experiment with players out of position and find the combination that means you get the SBC done for as cheap as possible, including using players you already own on your club.


    1. Open the Packs
      Open the packs you got or hold on if no special items are available in packs. The better the packs you get, the more coins you’ll make.


  1. Sell
    Sell everything you got from packs. You can re-invest by completing more SBCs to give yourself a higher chance of packing a high-value player.

Experts Opinion

“This method is an real chance to make coins without any risk. Unfortunately, there are only a few challenges that will give you a guaranteed profit and they are all non-repeatable.”