Daily Flipping

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Method Name Daily Flipping
Category Low Budget
Popularity High
Risk Medium
Reward Medium
Difficulty Medium
Required Time Low
MRP 25000
First Time FIFA 11
Similar Method Overnight Flipping
Daily Flipping is an Ultimate Team trading method based on buying and selling cards within a short period of time to make profit.

The Method

Like any other market, the FUT market is based on supply and demand. Almost every single item goes up and down in price every hour. You can take advantage of these fluctuations for your own good. You just need to buy when the card is at its lowest point and sell when it is at his highest point. Using this method you can make coins every single day and you’re not generally reliant on EA and what content they release.

This method is all about ‘Buy low, sell higher’ but on a daily basis. Watch a few cards which you want to flip at the same time, check their prices, buy at their lowest prices and create a rotation with them generally.

If you want to have success with the Daily Flipping Method, you should focus on rare items. META cards that are out of packs for a long time, like special or TOTW cards from previous weeks, are great choices. These cards simply fluctuate more as there is not much supply. Another thing you should try is to build a spreadsheet where you register the lowest price on different moments of the day and your purchases. When you do this for a week, you will have a great indication on the low and high price points, as well as the profit you are making with each card.

Common Mistakes

When using the Daily Flipping Method, the most common mistakes are the following ones:

Late Investing
This is the most common mistake. Buy before the hype. Make sure you’re not buying at the same time as every other FUT player. You want to avoid buying in the days leading up to a big promo. Everyone will be doing the same, inflating the prices of players.

Buying Goalkeepers
We know that we said you to buy the cheapest cards available for each rating but goalkeepers are not welcomed. Most popular SBCs have at least a 50 chemistry requirement, meaning that GK cards rarely rise in price. We recommend focusing on picking up outfield players as you have a better chance of making coins

Step by Step

    1. Study the Market
      First of all, you have to understand the price fluctuation for each card. Take note of the lowest and the highest prices at different times of the day and on different days of the week. The key to maximising profit with this method is knowing when to buy and when to sell. As soon as you have identified items featuring important fluctuations, you are ready to buy.


    1. Buy
      Buy when the price of the player hits his lowest point. You don’t have to buy him with buy now. You can use bidding to get them even cheaper and make even more profit. If a player has a Hunter or a Shadow Chemistry style, then you can pay a bit more than their actual price.


    1. Sell
      When you buy a card, list it immediately for its normal/highest price and keep re-listing every hour. Mostly they will get sold after a few hours. If it doesn’t sell within 6 hours, lower the price, even if you have to break even or make a loss. It’s important to not hold for several days.


  1. Repeat
    One of the good things about this method is that you can do it whenever you want. You don’t have to wait to start buying more cards and selling them for a profit. Daily Flipping is used by a lot of top traders so, if you are not having success with it, keep trying. The more you do it, the better you will be at it.

Experts Opinion

“When someone asks us how to make coins in FUT we always answer ‘Buy Low, Sell Higher’. That’s exactly what this method is about. It is probably one of the most natural ways of making coins. ”