Vonovia Ruhrstadion

27599 seats
Vonovia Ruhrstadion
Official Stadium Name Vonovia Ruhrstadion
Former Names rewirpowerSTADION (2006–2016)
Ruhrstadion (1979–2006)
Stadion an der Castroper Straße (1921–1979)
TuS-Sportplatz an der Castroper Straße (1919–1921)
SuS-Sportplatz an der Castroper Straße (1911–1919)
Alternative Names Ruhrstadion
Inauguration Date 08/10/1911
Opening Game Bochum v VfB Hamm
Opening Game Date 08/10/1911
Attendance Record 50000
Record Match Bochum v Wattenscheid
Record Date 21/07/1979
Renovations 1921, 1976–1979
Operator VfL Bochum
Tenants VfL Bochum (1938–present)
TuS Bochum (1919–1938)
SuS Bochum (1911–1919)
Pitch Dimension 105x68 meters
Surface Grass

Location and Contacts

Continent Europe
City Bochum
Address Castroper Str. 145, 44791 Bochum, Germany
Coordinates 51°29′23″N - 7°14′11″E
Telephone +49 234 951848
Website https://www.vfl-bochum.de/de/stadion

In-Game Details

Category Real
Shadows Moderate
UT Quality Gold Rare
Default Time 12:00
Camera Height 15
Camera Zoom 9
Customization Tifos
Stadium Theme
Home FIFA/FC Clubs VfL Bochum
FIFA/FC Editions FC 24 | FC 25

In-Game Images

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In-Game Video

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Stadium History

In 1911, SuS Bochum 08 leased a meadow outside the city limits and established their own football pitch, known as Dieckmanns Wiese, where they played their inaugural match on October 8, 1911. Subsequently, in 1919, a merger with TV zu Bochum formed TuS 1848 Bochum, which took over as the stadium’s host. Expansion work commenced, and by 1921, the stadium, later known as Stadion an der Castroper Straße, could accommodate 30,000 to 50,000 spectators. The German national team played here for the first time in 1922. Following a 1938 merger, VfL Bochum was established. Post-World War II, further stand extensions occurred, including seating additions in the 1950s. Bundesliga promotion in 1971 marked a turning point, and the stadium received floodlights in 1972. A comprehensive redevelopment began in 1976, resulting in a modernized Vonovia Ruhrstadion, though with reduced capacity over the years due to terracing removal and seating installation. The four-phase reconstruction was completed in 1979, retaining its modern appearance, and the stadium officially reopened on July 21, 1979, with a match against SG Wattenscheid 09 (3:0).