Goodison Park

39221 seats
Goodison Park
Official Stadium Name Goodison Park
Former Names Mere Green Field
Alternative Names
Inauguration Date 02/09/1892
Opening Game Everton 4-2 Bolton Wanderers
Opening Game Date 02/09/1892
Attendance Record 78299
Record Match Everton 1-1 Liverpool
Record Date 18/09/1948
Renovations 1895, 1906, 1909, 1926, 1957, 1958, 1971, 1988, 1991, 1994
Design Kelly Brothers
Henry Hartley
Archibald Leitch
Cost £1,874 (1892)
Owner Everton
Operator Everton
Tenants Everton (1892-present)
Premier League
Pitch Dimension 105x68 meters
Surface Desso GrassMaster

Location and Contacts

Continent Europe
City Liverpool
Address Goodison Rd, Liverpool L4 4EL
Coordinates 53°26′20″N - 2°57′59″W
Telephone +44 151 556 1878
Website Official Website

In-Game Details

Category Real
Shadows Moderate
UT Quality Gold Common
Default Time 21:30
Camera Height 15
Camera Zoom 9
Customization Tifos
Stadium Themes
Home FIFA/FC Clubs Everton
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Stadium History

Decision to relocate to Goodison Road was made as future development at Anfield proved unviable. In 1892 a local contractor was ordered to erect three stands – two open terraces and one covered. Complete capacity was 11,000 (two with 4,000, 3,000 under cover). Implementing the plan took less than 6 months and Everton became the first club in England to have a purpose-built football ground (just several days after the world’s first – Celtic Park).

Until 1895 Toffees leased the venue and were only then able to buy it, providing redevelopments just several years later. New stands came in 1906 and 1909, both double-deckered. Two more double-tiered ones came in 1926 and 1938, making the ground have two levels on all sides. Three of those stands were designed by famous Archibald Leitch.

First game with floodlighting came in 1957 and since it was a derby clash against Liverpool, over 58,000 people attended it. Just a year later England’s first under-soil heating system was installed here with first scoreboard following in 1971. A major challenge came in the ‘post-Hillsborough era’ as three ends of the ground had terracing and needed conversion. On stand had just seats installed, another a lower tier redevelopment, while the last – southern, was simply demolished and rebuilt as a single-tiered end in 1994.

Over the years this ground has seen more top league games than any other with Everton spending just 4 seasons outside domestic top flight. To add to that, only 6 times the club hasn’t enjoyed average crowds that would put it in England’s top 10. Record average came in 1963 as each game was seen by more than 51,600 people. The stadium also had its share of international fixtures, to start with 1966 World Cup, during which it even hosted a semi-final.